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Our mission is to provide our customers with fast, affordable, and easy-to-use internet and telecom solutions that meet their needs.

Will Culture Wireless run a credit check on me?

No we will not! Culture Wireless is trying to remove all barriers to gain internet access. All you need to do is apply.

What is a telecom company?

A telecom company is a business that provides telecommunications services to customers. These services may include voice and data communication, internet access, television, and other related services. Telecom companies can be either wired or wireless, and they may use various technologies to deliver their services.

I want Culture Wireless services but my address isn't in the coverage area.

The Customer Portal is designed for customers to manage their accounts, make bill payments, and change their personal information when needed. This will walk you through the various pages and tabs available within the Customer Portal and provide some examples of common actions you can take.

The Login Page
The first page you'll have access to when you're first provided an account to the portal. In some cases, when you sign up for service, you may be sent an email that will provide your username and initial password, along with a link to the portal. If not, follow the first time registration instructions below.

First Time Registration
If an account for the portal wasn't automatically created, you can always register yourself. All you need for this process is a link to the Customer Portal and the email address on file for your account.

1. Navigate to the Customer Portal, and click on the "New portal user? Register an account here!" button.

2. Fill in the email address matching the information you provided when you signed up, and click on "Lookup Email Address"

3. If the email address provided matches your information, an email will be sent out with instructions to finalize the registration process with a temporary password and a username.
    (a) If the email address you entered doesn't match the records from your service provider, an error            message will appear.

           In this case, we recommend you contact customer service for further assistance in creating            an account.

Customer Portal Pages
Once you're logged in to the Customer Portal, you'll be greeted first with the Billing Page, which we'll explore first:

The Billing Page
The Billing page provides an overview of your account status. It reflects your current account balance while also providing details on your payment information and generated invoices. This is the page you'll land on as soon as you log in to your Customer Portal account.

The Support Tickets Page
The Support Tickets page is where you can reach out to the Culture Wireless support team directly through the portal. Any communication sent between the email supplied on your account and the mailbox set up by Culture Wireless will be tracked and can be replied to through the Customer Portal.

The Data Usage Page
The Data Usage page will track and display the amount of bandwidth you've consumed in the previous 12 billing periods in a bar graph.

The Contracts Page
The Contracts Page will display all contracts for your account, including their status (whether signed or unsigned) and the ability to download a copy of your signed contracts.

Signing a Contract
When you have a contract in a Pending Signature status, clicking on the "Sign Contract" action will open a new tab in your browser that will allow you to add a digital and drawn signature.

The "My Details" Page
The "My Details" page is where you'll find the information Culture Wireless has associated with you on your account. Your name, email address, and phone number are all among the information here, and can all be changed without needing to involve customer service.

Do I need to purchase my own equipment?

Not at all. When you sign up for service, Culture Wireless will have a technician come out to your location and install all devices needed to bring you high speed internet with your chosen plan.

I want Culture Wireless services but my address isn't in the coverage area.

Culture Wireless is continuously working to expand our footprint. If you have determined that you live outside of current coverage area, please fill out the form with your address and contact information. This data will allow us to determine which areas are in need of our services.

How can I determine the right internet speed I need?

Everyone hates slow internet. No one wants to see the buffering sign in the middle of a Game of Thrones episode. Please refer to the chart below to help determine the speed that is right for you and your household.

Internet Speed                   Works for
0–5 Mbps                     
-Checking email
                                        -Streaming music on one device
                                       -Searching on Google

5–40 Mbps                   
-Streaming video on one device
                                        -Video conferencing with Skype or FaceTime
                                        -Online gaming for one player

40–100 Mbps               
-Streaming HD video on a few devices
                                        -Multiplayer online gaming
                                        -Downloading large files

100–500 Mbps            
-Streaming video in 4K on multiple screens
                                        -Downloading files quickly
                                        -Gaming online for multiple players

500–1,000+ Mbps       
-Doing a lot of almost anything on numerous devices simultaneously. You can check your broadband usage by logging into your account on the service provider's website or by using.

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